How ___ you today?

___ you swim?

___ David your brother?

__ you got a brother?

I want some pizza! I am so

___ there a hospital in this town?

Do you often ___ to the cinema?

She ___ books every day.

___ is your favourite actor?

I ____ like swimming.

What __ she doing now?

Do you like ______?

____ you at school yesterday?

Where did you ___ last week?

It’s important to ___ exercises at home

____ you ever tried skiing?

She has ____ her leg.

How ___ sugar do you need?

How _____ books are there on the table?

Ania is ___ than Jacek

You ____ go to school. It’s Saturday!

I ____ English at university

The Tv is ___ the chair and the table

There isn’t __ milk left! Can you buy some?

I went to Japan two months ___

What about ___ for a walk?

Do cats fly? No, they ___

The cat is next ___ the table

____ is your bag? It’s under the table

I go to school ___ train

When do you play football? __ Mondays

Angelina Jolie is a popular actress but I don’t like ___

Perer is over there! He’s ___ a blue t-shirt and jeans.

___ was a strong wind yesterday.

If it rains, I ___ go to the park.

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