Wykonaj poniższy test:

Ania usually __ socks.

__ it cold yesterday?

What do you do? I'm __ doctor.

We __ live in Warsaw

Peter doesn't like __.

Where __ Hannah live?

Whar colour __ your hair?

I usually wake up __ 6 a.m

Is Warsaw __ than London?

I __ water the plants every day.

We__ London next week.

Do you like the blue __?

She's got __ eyes.

It's getting cold. ___ close the window.

I've never ridden a horse __.

I can't __.

Ania hasn't finished__

How __ time do you have?

They__ visited France in 2000.

We've known each other __ 10 years.

I've got some phone calls to __.

I like football. __ do I

We __ play football a lot.

__ does your best friend look like?

If we leave home in time, we ___ the bus.

They decided __ to Paris for a year.

Volleyball __ in most countries.

Drinking a lot of water will __ you fit

We get __ well with our classmates.

Tom said he __ the project two days before.

If I __ a lot of money, I'd buy a new house.

I __ wasted my time when I was a student.

One __ five people doesn't read books at all.

I wish I __ Italian.

Martha told me she __ for me at the station

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